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2022 marked the transition to a new post-Covid working reality. With multiple and different challenges around the world, global teams have to overcome local and personal challenges to thrive within multicultural and diverse working groups. 

Art is a wonderful tool for the expression of emotions. Suppressed emotions can create communication bottlenecks, negatively influencing group bonding and personal behaviours and consequently, negatively affect performance. 


Romny and Penelope are both certified art therapists and have, for over 7 years run numerous group art therapy workshops, in person and online, facilitating groups of different cultures and genders. They have observed how art-making, under their facilitation can enable freedom of expression which leads to better understanding of self, group dynamics and better communication.


Entirely custom made and adjusted to specific group objectives, these sessions are a creative and playful set of interventions to facilitate intuitive thinking, problem solving, insight and more open communication.

No art skills are necessary to participate!

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