reflect. express.

art making for "pros"

These art making workshops aim to nourish the emotional intelligence of business organizations through creative expression.


Emotions are long considered better to be silent in working environments. In reality emotions are never silenced...just suppressed. Suppressed emotions may lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and demotivation which in turn could negatively impact communication and performance. 


Our workshops are designed to help employees dive into their intuitive faculties and find new ways to approach issues. They help groups express freely. Through play and art interventions, participants discover how to experiment in a safe environment and set judgment aside.


Think of these sessions as an innovative set of interventions to facilitate intuitive thinking, innovative problem solving and team building through facilitating insight and improving communication.

what do they do


help experience the power of nonverbal communication.

use creativity playfully to slow down and reflect.

form, storm, norm, perform through art making.

get inspired and learn from others' stories.

understand better diversity.

gain new insights in cultural differences.

explore how new emotional/personal insights can be put back to work.


how do they work


led by directives

  • customizable to business / team needs and objectives. 

  • various creative materials for participants to choose from.


  • skill does not matter. experience does not matter.

  • experience own creativity and share.


  • see other's artwork and learn from their stories.


who could


project teams

sales teams

hotel staff hospital staff



Teams and organizations dealing with stressful

tasks and deadlines.


Newly formed teams.

Teams searching to enhance their emotional intelligence internally and towards their clients.