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banana & pistachio
courgette tartar
sprouting salad
raw chocolate truffles
buckwheat granola
Bleverde Crete Luxury villas-3-2
chia pudding
summer gnocci & salsa verde
stuffed vegetables

We think of food as art for the body.


Fresh farm to fork communal dining experiences filled with flavourful food and fun conversations!


All our in-house menus are committed to utilising locally sourced ingredients assembling a diverse assortment of textures and flavours. Not only they will please the palate - they will also respect the body and mind. Let our unique approach to food ignite your creativity and let your creativity be inspired by our food.


Our home made meals focus on a perfectly balanced mix of raw and cooked ingredients that maintain the nutritional integrity of each food, including essential enzymes vitamins and minerals, allowing you to benefit from the ‘life force’. In turn this will help to increase your energy level and boost your general wellbeing and positive mindset.  


The perfect way to start our artful days or wrap-up our daily creativity adventures.

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