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Half day

A workshop filled with gentle movements, soft brush strokes, colours, playful expression and insightful discoveries.

Over the last 7 years, our Arts for Health retreats taught us about this special connection between yoga and healing arts. By activating the body and the breath, the art making process becomes even more free and flowing.

Are you nearby Basel or Champery?

Allow us to lead you through a process, to get into a flow and express your own creativity without self-judgment or concern about the end result. Learn more about yourself, gain a new perspective and understand how to truly nourish yourself towards health.


Vanessa and Penelope shared a corporate office some 20 years ago.

It is an immense pleasure to get our paths meet again under such a meaningful cause. We are both passionate about sharing what helped us in our journey, so to help others!

Gentle yoga with Vanessa and Art expression for Health with Penelope.

Beginners WELCOME. All materials will be provided (paint, brushes, mats, etc.)

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