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About You

Do you lead a stressful lifestyle? Are circumstances, at the moment, overwhelming?

Is it getting progressively difficult to live in present time and make mindful choices?

Are you curious to explore new ways of looking? Have you missed being playful, carefree without self judgment?

You are invited to discover creative ways to support mental wellness. Creating art can lead to a better understanding of feelings and behaviours so that one can move on to solving deeper problems (stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, trauma,....).

Join our group in a playful setting where we sketch, paint and sculpt. Let your creativity flow  and re-discover your "inner child". Use art in a safe space to createreflect, become aware of emotions, freely express and experiment without judgment.


We passionately use art therapy to help our participants express and deal with stresses of everyday life, explore thoughts and difficult emotions. Art is not only a powerful healing approach but also a preventive measure helping mental wellbeing, self discovery and personal growth.


From the very first retreat, we contentedly observe how mindful creativity helps people discover and reconnect with what truly matters in their life.

No prior art skills are necessary to participate!

"Artful Retreats are unique in mental wellness travel"

The National Geographic

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"Arts for Health is a Creative Solution for Complex Challenges."
Niels Fietje of WHO, for the European Parliament,Culture Health and Wellbeing, 2022

build self confidence

ease stress and anxiety

promote creative thinking

return to the present moment

feel playful, carefree, judgment-free

create new bridges with the outside world

gain insights from verbal - visual integrations 

With Arts

From Hippocrates to Neuroscience

Art in the form of theatre and music were prescribed together with sports, diet and herbs as part of a toolbox of medical remedies and interventions in ancient Greece.

Fast forward couple of thousand years and the belief stays firm. Evidence from 3,000 studies about the positive impact of arts in health was presented  by the World Health Organisation in 2019. Canada and UK's health systems prescribe free visits to museums as a way to help people suffering from post trauma, anxiety and stress. Dance, music and painting are among the most used art therapy techniques.

Modulation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (involved in mood, sleep, digestion, bone health) and cortisol (known as the  primary stress hormone), as well as decrease of inflammation, together with promotion of neurogenesis and new neural connections are among the first findings of the positive effects of culture in mental health and health overall (WHO, 2022).

your art your way

"I came with an open mind and left with an open heart"

"This retreat created the safe space to do the personal work each of us aspired to do"

Testimonials Retreats 2022
“In the 21st century, culture will be what physical activity was for health in the 20th century”,
Nathalie Bondil, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Director General


We'd love to hear from you

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