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Photo 25-10-14 - 6 24 53 μ.μ.
Photo 25-10-14 - 6 00 58 μ.μ.
Photo 25-10-14 - 5 53 49 μ.μ.
Photo 25-10-14 - 5 33 08 μ.μ.
Photo 25-10-14 - 5 05 29 μ.μ.

"...I had never painted before, never even thought about it and I was quite surprised with the changes in my paintings from the horrible beginning to the last two. Both were more satisfying and more fun to do. Thank you very much for this discovery and looking forward to another meeting soon"

Monika, Oct 2016

"...It totally put me out of my comfort zone at first. However your gentle process got me hooked with the idea and I am surprised I focused totally for one hour and thirty minutes on a single artwork ..."

Rauni, Oct 2016

"...Thanks to you and the group a new window has opened inside me. The exercises were very helpful. I loved it ..." Diane, Oct 2016

"...New paths to colours and oneself. I feel lucky! Lucky to paint, lucky to share, lucky to listen, lucky to eat, lucky to walk, lucky to do yoga and grateful for all that!"

Beatrice, Oct 2016

"...Tres bon stage, Innovant!, Createur! Bonne ambiance! Detente! Bon group! On s'est amuse! Merci!"

Christophe, Oct 2016

"...most of all I am most grateful for the insights I gained about myself. Thank you for showing my this new way of looking art making, outside of my 'well ordered' box ..." 

Celeste, May 2016

"...thank you for allowing me the opportunity to show you me, without fear and with all the vulnerability that I would share only with my family. For that you and Greece will remain forever etched in my heart ..."

Lynell, May 2016

"...This art retreat has been such a pleasure in so many ways! Thank you for taking such a good care of us, for your great hospitality and your guidance. In art I was encourage to lose up and when I managed I enjoyed so much the process and the result. I want to do that back at home in art and in real life ...". 

Marianne, May 2016

"... this retreat helped me start seeing things in different ways. The exercises forced me to try new ways and experiment without fearing of what the result will be. It was all about seeing new ways ..."

Ingrid, May 2016

“This course has really opened up something. I now paint regularly and have ideas popping up all the time. It did wonders!”, Anna, May 2015

“...making art helped me get in the flow and be in the here and now. Disconnect from work and worries. I found freedom of expression, motivation, calmness and relief ...“

Lars, Oct 2014



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