Do you lead a stressful lifestyle? Are circumstances, at the moment, overwhelming?

Is it getting progressively difficult to live in present time and make mindful choices?  

This creative mental wellness retreat is based on art therapy techniques and will help rejuvenate body and soul.

According to World Health Organization, while physical exercise has a positive impact on our physical health connecting with Arts improves Mental Health. The same way we take preventive action for physical health is necessary to look for ways to promote and maintain good mental health.


Join our group in a playful setting where we sketch, paint and sculpt after morning yoga.  Let your creativity flow  and re-discover your "inner child". Use art therapy techniques in a safe space to createreflect, become aware of emotions, freely express and experiment without judgment.


You don’t have to be “good at art”, and you won’t learn how to draw or paint.  Every retreat shows that there’s an artist in each of us. Creativity is our birthright, an integral part of being human (John D. Loori).  Simply allow the artist in you to discover and express freely emotions and thoughts.

Art in the form of theatre and music were prescribed together with sports, diet and herbs as part of a toolbox of medical remedies and interventions in ancient Greece. Fast forward couple of thousand years and the belief stays firm. World Health Organisation presented evidence from over 3,000 studies of how connecting with Arts is having a positive impact on health. Canada and UK's health systems prescribe free visits to museums as a way to help people suffering from post trauma, anxiety and stress.


In Artful Retreats we passionately use art therapy to help our participants express and deal with stresses of everyday life, explore thoughts and difficult emotions which unexpressed could lead to trauma. In these retreats we look at art therapy not only as a powerful healing approach but also as a preventive therapy helping mental wellbeing, self discovery and personal growth. Time and time again we, as art therapists, observe how mindful creativity makes people connect with what truly matters in life.

Our retreats are unique in wellness travel and with every group we meet new fans of our approach. 

Friends for life who find positive change through these little escapes.

The healing effects of art making

«Health is a Dynamic Process which depends on our capacity to Self Manage. Connecting with arts is not a matter of skill. It is a matter of choice to support a good health» 
World Health Organization, Arts Health and Wellbeing, 2019



May 21 to 24, 2021 Crete

Discover how art therapy tools can free expression from judgment and how the uniqueness of own creativity can lead to self discovery. 




May 26 to May 31, 2021, Crete

Embark on a creative journey filled with self reflection and insights. Draw inspiration from people and landscapes. In a safe space express difficult emotions and gain new perspectives .




Sep 26 to 29, 2021 Crete

Join autumn's discoveries with art therapy tools and free expression from judgment and enjoy how the uniqueness of own creativity can lead to self discovery. 



“In the 21st century, culture will be what physical activity was for health in the 20th century”,
Nathalie Bondil, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Director General

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