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When words are not enough, or too much, guided art making, helps the exploration of challenges, limitations, dreams and hopes

We believe that drawing and painting is an instinct we are all born with 

Skill, talent and perfection are not important when expressing your inner world creatively



Looking to gain emotional clarity, creatively

Seeking new ways of seeing new perspectives

Wanting to activate your imagination, self-reflection, and observation 

Being curious about how art could enable expression of emotions

Looking for a circuit breaker from daily routine

Having curiosity and courage to playfully explore with art materials




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Business and Private Groups Programs

Artful Retreats Oct 2023

expect to

Discover or reawaken your creative joy

Find Inspiration for change making

Learn how creative tools can support your emotional wellbeing

Belong within a respectful and supportive group


Feel supported and offer your support to others

Become playful and free

Based on art therapy principles

Safe space


Small groups


Non-judgmental guidance and skilful management of group dynamics

Playful and creative


Intuitive art making leading to thoughtful reflection 

Person-centred, trauma informed

Self discovery through questions asked via the art



If these dates do not fit please subscribe to our newseletters with upcoming events.

From Hippocrates to Neuroscience

Art in the form of theatre and music were prescribed together with sports, diet and herbs as part of a toolbox of medical remedies and interventions in ancient Greece.

Fast forward couple of thousand years and the belief stays firm. Evidence from 3,000 studies about the positive impact of arts in health was presented  by the World Health Organisation in 2019. Canada and UK's health systems prescribe free visits to museums as a way to help people suffering from post trauma, anxiety and stress. Dance, music and painting are among the most used art therapy techniques.

Modulation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (involved in mood, sleep, digestion, bone health) and cortisol (known as the  primary stress hormone), as well as decrease of inflammation, together with promotion of neurogenesis and new neural connections are among the first findings of the positive effects of culture in mental health and health overall (WHO, 2022).

"Artful Retreats are unique in mental wellness travel"

The National Geographic

your art your way

"Arts for Health is a Creative Solution for Complex Challenges."
Niels Fietje of WHO, for the European Parliament,Culture Health and Wellbeing, 2022


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GR: 0030 698 5875 903

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