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Artful Seeds

Join us in November

On-line Europe and US timezones friendly.


90 minutes group once per week for 3 Consecutive Weeks

Explore how art making and sharing can help liberate expression of difficult thoughts and emotions from the comfort of your own home. Based on art therapy principles, these 1.5 hours guided sessions are open to everyone, no need of prior artistic skills to participate. Wonderful participants form insightful groups promoting creative expression without judgment.

Join with:

1) some basic art materials

2) a quiet private space and

3) a zoom connection

Do you want to explore art making before joining?

Scroll down and try the Three Free exercised below. 

Artful Seed

3 FREE Artful Seeds 

These creative Seeds aim to support Mental Wellness, in a way similar to how art therapy supports emotional healing. We borrowed three simple and fun warm up art directives from the retreats to share them here. 

Explore, play, make art, find it interesting or boring, engage with them or dismiss them. In line with everything we do in art therapy, there is no right or wrong. Only the choices we make. 

We call these art directives, Seeds, because they often result to artwork which plants seeds of self discoveries and insights.


Tag if you want your artwork on @ArtfulRetreat instagram to make us smile :)

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