3 FREE Artful Seeds 

These creative Seeds aim to support Mental Wellness, in a way similar to how art therapy supports emotional healing. We borrowed three simple and fun warm up art directives from the retreats to share them here. 

Explore, play, make art, find it interesting or boring, engage with them or dismiss them. In line with everything we do in art therapy, there is no right or wrong. Only the choices we make. 

We call these art directives, Seeds, because they often result to artwork which plants seeds of self discoveries and insights.


Tag if you want your artwork on @ArtfulRetreat instagram to make us smile :)

Join an Artful On-Line Group 

Exploring the Artful Seeds was fun and interesting but you also feel like sharing views and thoughts in a safe group. Looking your art on your own is fine but you also want to get inspired and enrich self disocveries with new different perspectives.

What you need:

- a safe private and quiet space without disruptions

- computer, smartphone, smartpad with internet, video camera and microphone

-access to zoom

-some experience with video calls


Open to everyone. No need to know how to draw or paint.

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