Penelope Orfanoudaki

Founder. With career changes and multiple countries moves, I experienced excitement and fulfillment but also fear, sadness, and insecurity. Dealing with difficult emotions has been both disorienting and frustrating. Studying art therapy was my way to help myself and it was such a powerful and profound experience! It brought insights and positive change. Introducing Artful Retreats is the distillation of this personal process.


Sharing my experience and helping people who look for ways to create mind space and achieve positive change is now a passion. I am an art therapist. I worked in Singapore with unprivileged  children in hospice and child care. In Hong Kong I was the art therapist of Ebenezer, the national school for the blind. In Stockholm I run for 4 years Creative Painting courses at Folkuniversitetet for adults.

In Artful Retreats we join forces with some amazing people from around the world to create these programs. International art therapists, artists, tender hearted yoga instructors and delicious food makers.

Romny Vandoros

Romny is qualified internationally as an artist and Art Therapist and is the principle therapist at ArtFull Therapy in Sydney, Australia. She runs a private practice and also offers a mobile art therapy service, working with clients at home or in medical facilities. Her areas of focus are compromised health, loss, disability and relationships. Romny is passionate about art, art making and the healing power of creativity. Her experience has led her to co-facilitate an ongoing creative group for people with Stroke, and she also teaches art to clients of varying ages and disabilities. She also assists in the curatorship of exhibitions of clients' art work. She is available for individual or group sessions; to give presentations on Art Therapy, to facilitate corporate workshops and co-facilitate art retreats.

Dr. Huma Durrani

Huma graduated with a BA Hons. in Textile design, however, her life course changed when she found out that her son was on the autism spectrum. Motivated by the desire to help him, she pursued a career as an educational therapist in Singapore where she taught literacy to children with Spld/dyslexia for many years. Huma took a break from educational therapy, to pursue a full time Masters in Art Therapy that allowed her to combine her interest in art and therapy. She practiced in Singapore as an art therapist before moving to Jakarta, Indonesia. Huma is the author of Wrapped in Blue an honest memoir of her experience as a mother of a child with special needs.

Huma recently completed her PHD in art therapy.