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Swiss Alps

4 days 

what is unique about this trip

We invite you for a creative and playful experience amongst the evergreen trees, rolling meadows and gorgeous white snowcapped mountains of Switzerland.

This is all about you! Being inspired and making art. Step outside of your everyday life to pause. Learn more about yourself, gain a new perspective and understand how to truly nourish yourself towards health.


Allow us to guide you through an art therapy inspired process, to get into a flow and express your own creativity without self-judgment or concern about the end result. Inspire others with your experiences and gain inspiration from others.


Who is this retreat for?

You are curious about art making, self-expression, yoga, mindfulness, and health.


We welcome all creative souls AND we welcome you, even if you do not believe that you are creative :-)


Beginners welcome!

You do not need any art or yoga experience.


We will support you every step of the way.

No judgement. Only curiosity for new ways to express and expreience.

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"This retreat was a wonderful way to reconnect with myself and the things that really matter.”

Mary, Artful Retreat 2019

a day

Our day starts with yoga, followed by a wholesome breakfast.


We then gather together to make art within a cozy, warm wooden barn named “Creta. Vella”


At lunch, surrounded by lovely Swiss mountain views, we nourish ourselves with delicious and energizing food prepared by Chef Aurélien.


After our repose, we continue to playfully explore the creative process.


We finish the day with a group discussion about the art we made and enjoy a well-deserved comforting dinner.


For those who desire, can choose to end the evening with meditation and calming yoga practice to ease the body, mind, and soul towards rest.

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At the end of a windy mountain road, you’ll discover a tiny village with 23 residents and us.


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Cozy Private Room

CHF 2,400




  • Guided art sessions with group discussions (total 15 hours)

  • Personal art kit to take home

  • All creative materials used during the retreat



  • Yoga exploration every morning (60-90')

  • Evening meditation and calming yoga before bed (30')

  • Yoga mats, blocks and blankets used during the retreat


Comfortable Private Accommodation

  • 3 nights in a private luxury room with a king size bed, mountain views and private ensuite bathroom

  • All delicious meals, snacks, and beverages

  • Transfers to/from Martigny Train Station 

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how to get here

fly to



  • Direct flights from all European capitals

  • Trains from Geneva airport every 30' to Martigny

  • Scenic train ride by the lac lemn about 2 hours

  • Train tickets can be bought on-line

Come by car

Commeire sur Orsiére

  • 1h50min from Geneva

  • 1h50 min from Bern

  • 1h20 min from Lausanne

  • Limited Parking available

Penelope Orfanoudaki
Arts and Health
Art Therapist

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Vanessa Gatelein
Wellness Coach
& Yoga Instructor

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Meet the guides

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