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Wellness retreats led by art making

You are invited

Hello all :)


This is a small update on the activities we undertake to prepare for our next artful retreats.


For starters we have a new web site - check it out.

We list a 2017 program of 4 events - two in Crete, one in Champery and one in Singapore where we count on Huma to give us a hand and make it happen :) (Huma darling not pressure just a try :)))


As mentioned to some of you already we hired a PR person, Katilena, to help us communicate with journalists in the UK. 

(Talking about this I am just thinking that we also have contacts in the Expat Magazine in Singapore that we could approach).

Back to the UK, Katilena has sent a couple of press releases to Conde Nast, Tatler, House and Garden and other free lance journalists and bloggers to talk about the artful retreats. One editor from Tatler asked if we would organise an art retreat for journalists and if she could participate. Based on this request Katilena proposed to organise a 4 days retreat in Crete between March 30 and April 2. We are still in the planning process and hope it will go through and we will find 4-5 journalists who would like to engage, get the experience and give us some visibility.


The press invitation is in the making and will send it over when ready. Wish us luck!


Will keep you posted.


Soon an invitation note will be sent out to all past participants and students to let them know about our plans. Please let me know if you receive this mail ok and if this format reads well.


Big hug to you all,



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