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Private On-Line Art Therapy Session

Private Art Therapy session of 50' - Beginners Welcomed

  • 50 min
  • 120 euros
  • On-Line

Service Description

How does it feel when you are in an art therapy session? Is it the right way for you to express thoughts and emotions? This 50 minutes session aims to help you express and support your wellbeing. Before making the choice to join one of Artful Retreats courses this is a full experience of creating and discussing art in depth. What to expect: - follow creative directives and create art - be playful with art materials - become mindful and gain insight To attend these sessions you will need: 1) A quiet space 2) basic art materials, even a pencil and a white paper would be fine, however colour pencils, markers and watercolours would make the experience more fun 3) openness to explore, create and share within a group 4) a zoom connection with camera and microphone 5) a good internet connection Frequently Asked Questions: Q. I have not used art materials since I was at school. Am I correct to think it may be embarrassing to participate in an Artful session? A. Artful Retreats sessions either in private or in groups do not require any artistic skills. In fact the less someone is occupied with techniques, chances are will be more liberated to express. With our guidance you will feel comfortable to create art. Perfection is not the objective here. Expression is. Q. I have participated in a session before. Will the exercises be the same? A. Depending on the needs of a group or an individual, a return participant may be exposed to the same directive. However as we are beings which change every second of our lives, we can assure you that even with the same exercise, your perspective and creation will be influenced by the moment and therefore will be different and will hide different insights. Q. I missed the session can I be refunded? A. Sorry we do not refund no-show. We can reschedule a session if you contact us 24 hours in advance. Q. How can I pay? A. Credit cards and Paypal payments are accepted.

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Zürich, Switzerland

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